The Real Uk Satanists

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HOAXTEAD BLOG SATANISTS EXPOSED Exposing a satanic, well funded organization designed to cover-up pedophile rings and child ritual sacrifice by stalking, harassing, and bullying whistleblowers and investigators.

  • About This Site
    by elcoyote058 on 11th April 2017 at 8:31 pm

    This site has been set up as a means of exposing and mocking the Hoaxtead Research Satanic Trolling Blog. This blog, which will be referred to as the Hoaxstead Research Exposed Blog, has been set up by a group of volunteers that are sick and tired of seeing this particular group of Satanists victimize peo […]

  • This Blog is Still Under Construction… But the Stupid Trolls Jumped on it Like the Dogs They Are.
    by elcoyote058 on 11th April 2017 at 8:20 pm

    We here at HR Exposed want to say thank you to those who have expressed interest in our material EVEN BEFORE WE PROPERLY LAUNCHED. You see, unlike the paid Satanist pedo protecting shills over at Hoaxstead Research, we don’t get paid to do this, and we don’t have limitless time to sit around all day […]

  • Victims of the Hoaxtead Satanists. Have You Been a Target?
    by elcoyote058 on 11th April 2017 at 8:08 pm

    This list of targeted individuals was taken from the many blog posts and videos that have been put out by the Satanists targeting their victims. More victims can be added to the comments section of this thread. While we don’t know every person on their victim list, the fact that they have all been so […]

  • Hoaxtead Blog is GCHQ. How Governments Pay People to Cover Up Pedophile Abuse.
    by elcoyote058 on 8th April 2017 at 3:31 am

    If you look at the tactics and behaviors of the many sock puppet accounts in the Hoaxtead Research operation,  you will see that they are literally following the instruction manual set out by GCHQ. If you read the post about how many hours of labor they have put into this, you better believe they ar […]

    by elcoyote058 on 8th April 2017 at 3:23 am

    They will lie and deny, but there is no doubt that the satanic GCHQ trolls over at the Hoaxtead operation are paid to do what they do. Just in case you couldn’t see the evidence in our last article exposing their operation, we wanted to post one more article here to drive the point home. […]

  • Who is El Coyote of Hoaxtead Blog Satanic Pedophile Coverup Exposed
    by elcoyote058 on 8th April 2017 at 3:12 am

    El Coyote is the name of a fake account that runs the Hoaxtead Blog. Here is more information from the following source link that shows that he is actually Ricky Dearman, the father of the Hampstead abused children. Linking Dearman’s Sock Accounts Posted onFebruary 29, 2016 by Believe The Children As if we needed any […]

  • Who is Sheva Burton of Hoaxtead Blog Satanic Pedophie Coverup Exposed
    by elcoyote058 on 8th April 2017 at 3:10 am

    Sheva Burton, who’s real name is Susan Melrose, is a witch and satanist supporter who dedicates her time to covering up pedophile rings under the fake auspices of being an abuse victim survivor. This is a common tactic used by the GCHQ paid trolls: “Claim to be a victim”.  Sheva’s purpose is to attack anyon […]

  • Who is the Mckenzies Devils Youtube Channel Satanic Pedophile Operation Exposed
    by elcoyote058 on 8th April 2017 at 3:00 am

    The Mckenzies Devils Youtube Channel is part of a satanic paid operation designed to coverup pedophile rings and ritual abuse by demonizing whistleblowers.  This channel and the many other channels that are associated with it are part of the Hoaxtead Research Satanic Network.  Mckenzies Devils has already had Three of its channels shut down in […]

  • Who is Spiny Norman Youtube Channel Satanic Pedophile Coverup Exposed
    by elcoyote058 on 8th April 2017 at 2:58 am

    Spiny Norman is a Youtuber Sock Puppet Account that is most likely the father of the Hampstead abuse victims, Ricky Dearman.   The entire Hoaxtead Research Blog and its many sock puppet accounts (most of which are Ricky Dearman or working for Ricky Dearman) and youtube channels is a well funded GCHQ run operation, run by […]

  • Hoaxstead Blog Does Not Represent the People of Hampstead
    by elcoyote058 on 8th April 2017 at 2:55 am

    The Satanists over at the Hoaxtead Research Operation will lie and mislead you into thinking that they are the representative voice of the “the people of Hampstead”.  They will tell you that they are victims, who were wrongly accused of being Satanist and baby killers. They want you to believe that they are just innocent, […]


The Hoaxtead Satanic Operation Network List of Links

elcoyote058 / April 8, 2017

The Hoaxtead Satanic Operation has an extensive Network of blogs, youtube  channels, and sock puppet fake accounts that they utilize to terrorize people.  They all hide under anonymous auspices, and they all work together as a well oiled and well funded machine of the satanic GCHQ in order to cover up pedophile rings and satanic ritual sacrifice. Here is a list of the blogs, youtube channels and sock puppet accounts that we have been able to collect to show the network. Please add more to the comments section below to help us expose them.


The Blogs:


While “Hoaxtead Research” is the main blog, the network of blogs connected to covering up pedophile abuse is quite extensive. Below is a list of the first dozen or so, more to be added as they are discovered.


Hoaxtead Research


Satanic Views


Sheva Burton Cross of Change Blog


Aleph’s Heretical Domain


Hampstead Satanic Cult Hoax


Victims Against Hoaxes


Spiked Online


Sword and Scale


University of Toronto Press


The Needleblog


Order of Truth


Life After the Hollie Greig Hoax



Anon HQ


Sharon Kilby


Thrive Debunked


Network of those abused by church

The Youtube Channels:


Mc Kenzies Devils


Mc Kenzies Devils 2


Mc Kenzies Devils 3


Spiny Norman


Sheva Burton


Mk Ultra 666


Google Hoaxtead


Hands Off Hampstead


The Fake Sock Puppet Profiles:


Mc Kenzies Devils





Spiny Norman



Hands Off Hampstead






Mk Ultra 666



Roger Flutterby



Biddy Buffoon

Hoaxtead and The QEG DEBUNKED




Dr George Dufort ITCCS world HQ Brussels




Gabriella Barney




Google Hoaxtead






Bea Bea







Lizzy Borden



Angie Dizzy-Powder



Sister Angela, the Whistleblowing Nun of Oldcastle



BRONNY’S DEATH THREATS *See ‘About Me’ Section*




Angry Dave


Your Personal Spellchecker & Grammar Adviser


Sheva Burton

Who is the Hoaxtead Blog? Satanic Pedophile Coverup Exposed

Who is the Mckenzies Devils Youtube Channel Satanic Pedophile Operation Exposed