Child abuse survivors at Bridge of Weir home say scale of attacks is comparable to Jersey ‘house of horror’

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A lawyer for victims said there was evidence  of a ‘Quarriers way’ during the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry

A lawyer for victims at the facility in Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, drew similarities with the notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey.
The former Quarriers home in Bridge of Weir

Stuart Gale QC told the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry there was evidence of a “Quarriers way” similar to the “Jersey way” of protecting powerful figures and preventing whistle-blowing.

Speaking during closing statements of phase one of the inquiry, he also said survivors are disappointed with the “weasel words” used by some organisations to avoid issuing full, unequivocal apologies for abuse under their care.

More than 20 former residents of Quarriers during the 1970s have complained of abuse.

Gale said Quarriers “continue to underplay the extent of abuse that occurred within the institution and the attendant failures of their systems to prevent abuse.”

Victims have criticised Quarriers and numerous other organisations for the lack of record-keeping at the time of the abuse and possible removal of records in later years.

Mr Gale added: “We cannot understate the further harm caused to survivors by the intimidation of witnesses in the criminal trials and the tactics deployed on behalf of Quarriers in the civil litigations, which were designed  to doubt the evidence of those whose abusers had been convicted.”

Quarriers were contacted but could not be reached for comment.

Child abuse survivors at Bridge of Weir home say scale of attacks is comparable to Jersey ‘house of horror’

One comment on “Child abuse survivors at Bridge of Weir home say scale of attacks is comparable to Jersey ‘house of horror’

  • Justice For Children have been fighting to obtain the records of many children who were physically and sexually and mentally abused in Quarriers for the last 4 years.
    Jane Taylor of Justice For Children and Sandy Smith of Justice For Children and the Fresh Start Foundation visited Quarriers to get access to there records and on arrival Jane was given a folder with no more than one dozen pages of her eleven years in Quarriers with many pages marked out in black felt tip pen making it impossible to read.
    Sandy was first told that during his time in Quarriers they did not keep records and when Sandy stated this was not true he was then told all records had been destroyed in an office fire again Sandy proved this to be wrong and within the matter of minutes Sandy was then given a third answer where he was told many records had been lost when they moved office and when Sandy asked so are you telling me that many children’s records are lost including my own records for anyone to find and read the woman he and Jane were speaking with got up and left leaving Sandy and Jane wondering if she would return to speak with them or not and not she did.
    Sandy and Jane have both been bared of the Quarriers Children Of The Past website for speaking out against Quarriers and Sandy and Jane will never give up fighting for truth and justice not just for themselves but that of there brothers and sisters of Quarriers that have had there life destroyed because Quarriers failed to protect them.


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