Fresh Start Foundation Roadshows 2018/2019

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Fresh Start Foundation is on the road during 2018/2019 facilitating a series of Awareness Roadshows over the whole of Scotland to raise awareness about child sexual abuse and Satanist ritual abuse, to empower thos who have been harmed to come forward and find their voice.

We would love it if you would attend one or more of our events.

It is too important to our society to miss.

Sitting on the fence is socially unacceptable and abhorrent, if we choose to have a healthy society.

Orkney Awareness Roadshow on 4th August 2018, 11am to 3pm

Arbroath Awareness Roadshow on 21st July 2018 from 11am to 3pm


Press release 2 from the Fresh Start Foundation

Date: 18th October 2017

For publication on or after 26th October 2017

The Peoples Inquiry into Child Abuse

The Fresh Start Foundation is an all-volunteer group formed earlier this year to investigate Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) in Scotland. We operate completely free from government, state and institutional interference.

At 10:45am on Thursday 26th October we will be presenting our programme of work at a press conference in Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel, 9 Haddington Place, Broughton, Edinburgh, EH7 4AL. There, we will describe our plans for the next several years; these include gathering the testimony of victims and survivors of CSA and SRA, investigating, reporting and pursing prosecution of those who have tortured the innocent.

Our first objective will be to make contact with, and develop the confidence of, the victims and survivors. This is something the official (government) inquiry has so conspicuously failed to do. In order to reach out to victims and survivors all over the country, we will be organising a series of 36 roadshow events in 2018 and 2019. This will take us to each of the 32 Scottish local authority areas. We will visit the four large cities twice, once in each year.

During these roadshows we will announce the results of information gathered from sources already in the public domain that reveal the extent of abuse. We will also make contact with victims and survivors and commence the painstaking work of revealing the full extent of the abuse, its cover-up, and its organisation. We will be joined by expert speakers and musicians and artists who wish to support our work by raising both the spirits of those who attend and the profile of the meetings. We shall also ensure that trained psychotherapy care will be made available or victims and survivors at each roadshow.


We will obtain video testimony from the victims and survivors during the months following each roadshow and turn these statements in to a searchable archive and a series of affidavits. The use of this information will be strictly in accordance with the wishes of the victims and survivors; those who wish to remain anonymous may do so.

By March 2021, we shall report to the nation detailing our findings.

The work will not end there. Investigation, prosecution and finally the creation of a permanent memorial to the suffering of our brothers and sisters all form parts of our programme.

Our guiding principle; “Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

For further information contact David Scott on or by phone on 07885 287 672