Unjust Scotland

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The Injustice Scotland meeting in Dunblane was amazing and a real eye opener to see what the State is doing behind the public’s back. This is what the public want to hear, rather than the middle-class main stream media propaganda news, which is designed to spoon-feed the public a version that they want us to swallow(while they hold our noses). The unpalatable and indigestible gruel of main-stream-media-fake-news.

1 Jane Taylor    – A heart rending account of a Quarriers Residential School orphanage survivor


2 WildCat    – The State coverup of the scale of Child Sexual Abuse in Scotland

3 John Sheilds    – State coverup regarding a vulnerable child in a Church of Scotland facility

4 Dave Sharp    – A personal account from S.A.F.E. showing that Victims can become Survivors

5 John Smith    – Choosing a Common Law Court alternative remedy to Statute Courts

6 Vicky Von Blackwood – The State coverup and extent of the problem of child trafficking

7 Robert Green    – An update of where we are and what we need to do to get real Justice

Fresh Start Foundation Ltd Would be happy if you could donate a little cash your skills or something that will help survivors of Child sexual abuse in scotland.


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