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                 Welcome to Fresh Start Foundation

One day, not too long ago a man had a dream… That man was Andy Peacher.

His dream was a simple one but pure, that Victims & Survivors of child sexual abuse would become Thrivers.

Andy cannot to this day explain what caused him to have this dream but he believed, with every bone in his body, that his dream would become a reality, so he allowed himself to dream a bit more and he visualized people coming into his life to help to make his dream a reality.

One by one, met people who would share his idea and work towards its fulfillment. And with a small but determined group driving the ideas forward, Fresh Start Foundation was born.

Fresh Start Foundation is a very special not-for-profit company.

We are independent of the State and always will be for the state has let down the victims and surviors of childhood sexual abuse and shown itself unworthy of trust

Instead, we depend on the people at a grass-roots level to provide us with the funds and the support to help us to Start to make a difference for Victims and Survivors of child sexual abuse. We ourselves give our time freely, we accept no salaries.

We believe that it is simply not good enough to treat children who have been abused with callous disregard, or to make their welfare secondary to interests of organisations and individuals who failed to act to protect the children. We have the survivors of childhood abuse at the centre of everything we do.

Over many decades, the authorities have paid lip-service to providing children with the protection they deserve.

Society cannot stand on the sidelines and allow this to continue any longer because the children are the future of society and to continue along this path can only lead to a broken and dysfunctional country.

It is time for the ordinary people of Scotland to act together to stop this once and for all. We call on men and women of courage and conviction to join us to make this happen, to make Scotland a place where weans are safe from predators.

We need to hear Your voice speak to Truth.

If you believe that our children are too important to leave behind, come and join us.

Be a part of building a strong Foundation at a grass-roots level for a Fresh Start.

Together we can make a difference, together we can effect change for the better and together we can turn Victims to Survivors to Thrivers.

Please take some time to stay a while and look at our Website.

Feel free to send us your ideas and support, stories and suggestions, so that we can continually improve and adapt with you to make all of our dreams come true.



Fresh Start Foundation 

Who We Are 

The Fresh Start Foundation (FSF) is an Independent Peoples Inquiry into all forms of Child Sexual Abuse in Scotland. Having witnessed the failures of existing authorities to protect the children of this nation, and having seen the loss of confidence in the official enquiry, we have concluded that ordinary Scots must stand up to this challenge. The resignations from the official enquiry, and the governmental interference cited as reasons for those resignations, were the last straw. We, the people, will investigate what has happened and what is happening. Our governments, and those institutions charged with delivering justice, have failed. We will no longer endure that failure. We have decided to act.

This investigation will not be limited only to abuse within an institutional context but will look at every form of abuse that has occurred and is occurring. Thus we are determined to address abuse within institutions, Satanist Ritual Abuse, trafficking and abuse for commercial gain in the sex industry, abuse by informal networks, multi-generational abusive families and any other form of sexual abuse reported by victims and survivors.

In acting we seek the truth. We investigate to discover the truth. The truth, it has been well said, will set you free.


How We Operate


We are an all-volunteer group. We give our time freely because it is right that we do so. Where funds are required, these are raised from public donation and private voluntary contributions. We accept no money from government agencies in order that our complete independence from any party tainted with child abuse, its cover up, or its toleration may be unquestioned.

Our organisation is dedicated to bringing truth and justice to the victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse in Scotland, with the firm belief that this will do more than any other single action to heal our nation and protect future generations of children from suffering similar horrors. And we wish to be explicit about our understanding of what victims and survivors seek. In our experience, they want:

  1. The truth to come out – this releases them from a world in which they have suffered but where they, and maybe a few family and friends, are the only ones who know. Hence they suffer in secret.
  1. They want justice to have the wrongs against them made right
  1. At present the state overwhelmingly tries to avoid exposure and justice and buy them off with compensation – they want truth and justice before the money they deserve


Our programme


We have a step by step programme for the investigation. It is as follows:


  1. Making contact
  2. Gathering testimony
  3. Informing the nation
  4. Conducting Investigation
  5. Testing the evidence
  6. Pursuing prosecution
  7. Leaving a memorial


Each step has a fixed time-line and defined outcomes and items to be delivered. This programme is to deliver for the victims and survivors, it is not to make them promises only to disappoint once again. So many of our countrymen and countrywomen have a lifetime of betrayal by those who should protect and help them. We are determined that we shall not add to that.

Making Contact

A series of 36 road show events will be conducted across Scotland. These will be located: One in each of the 32 local authority areas  One extra in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.

The roadshows will be split into two batches of 18; one in 2018 and the second in 2019. They will run at fortnightly intervals from April to October each year.

The Road Shows will comprise the following:

  1. Leafleting the public
  2. Meeting with victims and survivors from the area
  3. Meeting with groups and organisations dealing with victims and survivors in the area
  4. A formal presentation to the public involving:
    1. An expert guest speaker. Topics will include Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Child
    2. A report on the history of CSA and SRA in that area, as known from published sources
    3. A presentation from the FSF detailing the help we require
    4. Music from volunteer artists who support our cause

The presence of music may seem surprising to some; let us explain the reason this is an integral part of our events. Any work or initiative to investigate child abuse is often a very difficult emotionally draining and dark subject. The proposal is to introduce music especially where survivors are directly involved to help lift emotions and bring in some happiness, light and companionship to those seeking justice and those working to help. There are few things that can lift the heart and bring people together more effectively than music.

The aims of the roadshows are to

  • Make contact with victims and
  • Develop a map of abuse in
  • Establish links with all organisations and groups who will support our work.
  • Raise funds for the FSF
  • Make contact with people who have the skills we need to advance the investigation

Gathering Testimony 

We will commence gathering testimony from victims and survivors in June 2018 and continue until June 2020.

The information will be recorded on video and will be transcribed into a written record.

This will be reviewed and developed so that it can be presented in the form of a signed affidavit.

All information will be securely stored and its use and release will be controlled by the victims and survivors decision as to the status of their evidence. Three categories of evidence are defined as follows:

  1. Testimony may be given on the basis of complete confidentiality, with no names released and data used only in anonymised form to inform the nation as to the scope of the abuse
  1. Additionally the information may be placed before grand-juries, courts and other tribunals, used in investigations and forming part of the broader drive for justice, but without any general or public
  1. Finally, when so determined by the victim/survivor, the information may be made available publicly to communicate the reality of the abuse to the people of Scotland

Informing the Nation 

Based on the affidavits, we will develop an anonymised report for publication. This will be published in March 2021. The report will communicate to the people of Scotland what we have discovered about Child Sexual Abuse and Satanist Ritual Abuse in Scotland. It will reveal the scope, extent and type we have discovered, and name institutions where abuse occurred. It may name individual abusers where evidence is great and the victims are deceased. It will not detail areas where prosecution is possible

Conducting Investigation 

Where affidavits provide corroborating evidence, such as when two unconnected people independently name an abuser, or where other corroborating evidence seems likely to be obtained, we shall conduct formal investigations to assemble evidence for potential prosecution. The evidence gathering will be by trained and paid professionals in the private sector. It will not use state resources.

The timing of investigation work will depend to some extent on the nature of the testimony gathered, however we expect to start this work in June 2019. Investigation work will be complete by June 2021

Testing Evidence 

When the affidavits of victims and survivors and the corroborating evidence is deemed robust, it shall be tested by presenting it before a Grand Jury made up of ordinary Scots. Accused persons will be invited to respond to the evidence and offer a defence.

Grand Juries are long established common law courts where the jury decides whether to bring criminal charges (an indictment) against a potential defendant. The common Law is the traditional law of Scotland, England and the former British Empire and colonies. It embodies the ancient laws of our people and developed slowly over the centuries. It is the basis of our system of law and predates statute and parliamentary acts.

Grand Juries will be conducted up until October 2021

Pursuing prosecution 

Where the Grand Jury considers that there is a case to answer, the matter will be passed to Police Scotland and the COPFS who shall be given an opportunity to prosecute the case. As the grand jury has already concluded it should proceed, they will not be given scope to not proceed. Should they fail to bring any cases to trial, then the Fresh Start Foundation would seek to initiate a private criminal prosecution. The decision on prosecution will be made by the Grand Jury, no other party may over- rule this.

Creating a Memorial 

By public subscription, we intend to create a memorial to those who have suffered. In part this will be an on-line archive of testimonies and accounts; in part it will be the public report; in part the evidence considered by Grand Juries; in part the records of the prosecutions and convictions. We aim to find a permanent home for this archive, so that it will not be forgotten, or repeated.

Our Guiding Principles 

“The truth shall set you free”

“Let justice be done though the heavens fall”

“So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”





The Injustice Scotland meeting in Dunblane was amazing and a real eye opener to see what the State is doing behind the public’s back. This is what the public want to hear, rather than the middle-class main stream media propaganda news, which is designed to spoon-feed the public a version that they want us to swallow(while they hold our noses). The unpalatable and indigestible gruel of main-stream-media-fake-news.





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