CSA & SRA Awareness Roadshow No. 1

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What a fantastic start to FSF’s Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) & Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) Awareness Roadshows at the Eric Liddell Centre, Edinburgh on 10th March 2018. Great vibe in the room with people speaking  their mind and taking ownership. Long may that spirit continue. We are here to listen.





The Injustice Scotland meeting in Dunblane was amazing and a real eye opener to see what the State is doing behind the public’s back. This is what the public want to hear, rather than the middle-class main stream media propaganda news, which is designed to spoon-feed the public a version that they want us to swallow(while they hold our noses). The unpalatable and indigestible gruel of main-stream-media-fake-news.

1 Jane Taylor    – A heart rending account of a Quarriers Residential School orphanage survivor


2 WildCat    – The State coverup of the scale of Child Sexual Abuse in Scotland

3 John Sheilds    – State coverup regarding a vulnerable child in a Church of Scotland facility


5 John Smith    – Choosing a Common Law Court alternative remedy to Statute Courts

6 Vicky Von Blackwood – The State coverup and extent of the problem of child trafficking

7 Robert Green    – An update of where we are and what we need to do to get real Justice

Fresh Start Foundation Ltd Would be happy if you could donate a little cash your skills or something that will help survivors of Child sexual abuse in scotland.


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