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Child Sexual Abuse Conference

Wednesday 3rd May, 2017

The Station Hotel, 1 Leonard Street, Perth, PH2 8HE

Guest Speakers

Sandy Smith
Wilfred Wong
Robert Green
Shirley Cooper
Victoria Ash
Janine Rennie
Andrea Sadegh
Video Presentations
Brian Gerrish
Kevin Annett
David Icke
Lori Oscheski

Fresh Start In The News
Able Danger
I believe our effort is producing results.  We are averaging 628 views per hour over first 16 hours of the
end of broadcast.  The Richie Allen interview was just posted and it is getting about 700-800 views per
16 hours ago
FRESH START and AV 8 Precede UK Election
Kevin Annett
Radio Free Kanata
Radio Free Anglia Uk 7pm