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Dear Mr. Abuser.

Dear Mr. Abuser

Did you ever think what you had done

As you stripped and raped me

When it was time for you to have your fun.

And after you had your fun

How you then beat me black and blue

So Mr. Abuser let me tell you today

How my childhood and adulthood life

Was destroyed because of you.

For over fifty years my life was destroyed

For you were that man that destroyed not just my life

But that of so many other young girls

And that of so many other young boys.

So Mr. Abuser although you are dead

I want you to know about the life I have lead

And how many a night I woke up screaming

With those memory’s of you I was dreaming.

And Mr. Abuser did you know I tried to commit suicide

And for many years protected you with secrets I did hide

And did you know I was locked away in a secure psychiatric hospital

Where I had been sectioned

Yes Mr Abuser I was put in a place like that

For my own protection.

Yes Mr. Abuser you know my words are true

And today I speak up for my brothers and sisters

Who were abused by you

For no more am I one of your children to be abused

For today I am proud to say

I Am A Survivor Of Being A Child Of Sexual Abuse.

Written By,

Sandy Smith.


My Brothers In Arms.

My brothers in arms we stand side by side

fighting for truth and justice with dignity and pride. 

Fighting together we fight so hard fighting for truth and justice

and the memory’s we have scarred. 

So come my brothers in arms and lets fight today

for being brothers in arms is our only way. 

For no more should a child be abused and harmed

so let us fight for our children as brothers in arms. 

Written by, Sandy Smith,

Justice For Children.


Dear Younger Me. 


Written by Sandy Smith.
Justice For Children / Fresh Start Foundation.


                                                                  A Child With A Broken Chain.                                             

                                     In life we all have a chain that is linked From friends and family

We are all linked So how would you feel if your child’s chain was broken

And your child was raped and beaten And there words to you never spoken. 

One in four children have there life destroyed And that includes girls and also includes boys

So how long will it take you to understand Every child should be given a helping hand. 

Yes I was a child that was raped and beaten And I kept all this locked away Deep inside and deeply hidden

And like being stabbed and scared by a knife  I have suffered deeply throughout my life.

So how long will it take you to understand Every child should not suffer as I did

But be given a helping hand So will you just sit there time and time again

Or will you stand up and help a child repair its life That has a broken chain. 

Written by Sandy Smith.

Justice For Children.




Child Sexual Abuse

Helpless, and unexpecting. 
Innocent then innocence taken away. 
Loving and trusting children being made to 
Do things against their will and having 
Sexual things done to them. 
Evil revealing itself in different ways and 
X-pecting children not to say anything. an 
Unkind and uncaring human being torturting 
A defenseless, innocent child. 
Long lasting effects of the 
Abuse is what the survivor will endure all 
Because some people are just plain sick and 
Uncaring. full of threat 
Sexual predators stay away; we wish. there's no 
Excuse for hurting and sexual abusing a child.



Abuse  Poem


A Cry For Help


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Survivors in Transition


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Brave Poems from a Survivor


The cold in me warm

From the gentlest touch,

A sign that things transform

When you don’t overthink so much.

I can let someone in because

My presence is now whole,

Each layer is only thin

But I feel in control.

I’ve no idea where this is leading

But after all I’ve endured,

My automatic response is no longer reading;

I’ve emotionally matured?

I’ve allowed myself to be heard

Now I’m familiar with self-worth.

I don’t feel like life is blurred

Because I’m really present on this earth

No warning and I’m gone

My bulletproof walls shoot up

All-encompassing numbness

Triggering my total indifference.

Insular is taken to a new level;

I feel trapped by other people’s presence.

I’m missing emotion,

I’m lacking thought.

In that moment there is nothing

At all.

Other people’s betrayal pinching frangible skin,

They must have no idea how hard you’re trying to win.

Unintentional bitterness trickling around in veins,

Ready to surface and distort any pain.

Constant twisting of emotional expression,

But having said that this is still progression.

Disillusioned and desperate

Although not in a scrabbling sense,

I’m well seasoned in dissociating

To avoid making new dents.

The present less current than the past,

As I struggle to convince myself to re-ground

Back into living at last.

Realisation dawns as I attempt a soothing speech:

The ‘now’ feels bleak,

The past feels painful,

And the future too far out of my reach.

I comfortably sit in my muted version of existence

Where suicidal thoughts require my resistance.

SARSAS has helped me manage the pain

But what pulls me back time and time again

Is knowing that I have too much to lose

And that ultimately I do still get to choose.